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A brief history of the Charles Bathurst Inn

Charles Bathurst, Lord of the Manor in the 18th Century, gave his name to the CB Inn.  He opened out many new lead mines and his initials were stamped on the pigs of lead. 
The Bathurst family owned Arkengarthdale for generations.  In 1656 the estate was sold to Charles’ Son, Dr John Bathurst, the Physician to Oliver Cromwell.  His descendants developed the mining industry.  The CB Mines had the most important lead mines after Old Gang, which is in walking distance of the CB Inn. The remains of these mines and associated buildings are still standing and many of the local walks take you past them. 
Arkengarthdale itself was named after Arkil, the son of Gospatrick, who ruled before the Conquest.  It was originally called ‘Arkil’s Garth’.

A brief history of the Charles Bathurst Inn
History of CB Inn

Arkengarthdale and Langthwaite Village have been heavily featured in the TV series 'All Creatures Great and Small', which ran from the late 1970’s until 1990. The new church in Langthwaite was built in 1818, replacing the one in Arkle Town whose foundations were undermined by Arkle Beck. However, all that remains of the original church are the tombstones. The building of the new church established Langthwaite as the principal village in Arkengarthdale and it remains one of the most beautiful villages in the Dales.

The CB Inn has, throughout history, been an integral part of the local community. The local outdoor game of Quoits is played from April to September and is a feature at all local festivals, village greens and participating Inns and Pubs.

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