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Dog Friendly

Whilst we welcome dogs at the Charles Bathurst Inn, we are aware that not everyone is as keen on dogs as we are.  We therefore ask you to ensure that your dog is well behaved and sits quietly.  

Dogs are welcome in the bar in the Charles Bathurst Inn, however, it can be a busy environment and, especially during mealtimes, space is limited.  Therefore, if you can leave your dog in your car (with plenty of ventilation) we would appreciate it.  If not, then you are welcome to bring him or her into the bar, as long as you keep in mind these simple rules:

  • Please don't bring water bowls or dog beds into the bar.
  • Please keep your dog on a short lead and make sure you tuck them under a table.
  • To avoid injury to your dog (or anyone else) make sure your dog isn’t blocking a walkway or in a place where people may trip up (or stand on its tail). In particular, please check that staff can get past and concentrate on their job of making sure that everyone's visit to The Charles Bathurst Inn is as pleasurable as possible.
  • Please don’t allow your dog to sit on the furniture.
  • The odd woof now and again is fine but if your dog is barking excessively, please take it outside for a break.
  • Please don't bring a wet and smelly dog into the bar.
Dog Friendly
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