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The Charles Bathurst Inn

The Charles Bathurst Inn is committed to sustainability through our use of locally sourced food products, our own natural spring water, biomass system for heating and our collaboration with an award-winning skin care product supplier.

Locally Sourced Products

At the Charles Bathurst Inn, much of our game, is sourced from the adjoining moor (which is as sustainable as it gets!) particularly grouse and pheasant, but also deer and rabbit.   

We continue to use the following local suppliers here and at our sister hotel, the Punch Bowl, and have done since they both opened:


  • Hammonds Family Butchers of Bainbridge, who in turn source all of their meats from the surrounding dales and employ local people, ensuring money spent stays in the local economy. Their Cumberland sausages have been a feature of our breakfast since we opened!
  • Hodgson Fish from Hartlepool, which was established as a family business in 1916 and is still owned and run by the same family. We trust them to deliver the freshest fish and shellfish every time! Their fish is consistently outstanding in both its quality and variety.
  • Nidderdale Poultry, near Pateley Bridge supply us with fresh duck, guinea fowl, partridge, corn-fed chicken and our fresh Christmas turkeys.  This family business was established in 1964 and prides itself on its high quality.
  • As well as buying direct from markets, we have used Carricks from Snape, near Bedale, to supply our fresh fruit and vegetables.  This family run business started out in 1929 and today, the third generation of the family continue to deliver to some of the best-known restaurants, pubs and hotels in North Yorkshire, using refrigerated vans and delivering the finest selection of fresh produce.  
  • Shepherds Purse Artisan Cheeses began in the late 1980’s when proprietor, Judy Bell discovered her passion and talent for cheese making.  The Thirsk based company has grown organically over the years. Having started by making cheese only from sheep’s milk, they have extended their range to include cow’s milk and even water buffalo milk cheeses. Today, they are best known for their blue cheeses, (Yorkshire Blue and Harrogate Blue) and for their sheep’s milk Mediterranean salad-style cheese (Yorkshire Fettle) and sheep’s milk blue (Mrs Bell’s Blue). As Shepherds Purse has grown, they remain a proud, independent family business, making cheese in the traditional way in their farm in North Yorkshire.  
  • Firth & Co Wine Merchant, founded by Andrew Firth and based in Northallerton, are a wine wholesale company supplying hotels and restaurant in Yorkshire.  They import wines from throughout the wine word and deliver to customers using their own van.  Based in a rural location they are well placed in the middle of the county to provide a comprehensive wine delivery service, including many of the finest establishments in the region.  
  • We buy increasingly from local breweries but have had a close relationship with Black Sheep Brewery since we opened and continue to feature their beers.


Spring Water

The Charles Bathurst Inn has its own source of natural spring water, located in the moor above the inn, which we serve in reusable glass bottles.  The water is treated in our own treatment plant, but don’t always expect it to look clear as it changes colour throughout the year to reflect the seasons.  However, it has a beautiful clear taste and makes the most amazing Yorkshire Tea!


The Charles Bathurst Inn has a biomass system for its water heating and central heating. Our Biomass uses wood pellets to produce heat via combustion in a boiler.  It is a renewable technology because the fuel source can be replenished. Biomass is a low carbon technology because the CO2 emitted during combustion equals the CO2 absorbed when the source material was growing. Moreover, the CO2 emissions are less that 10% of heating the same property with oil or gas. 

The Charles Bathurst Inn had a purpose-built biomass storage facility made which is also used as a bicycle store. We joined the Renewable Heating Initiative (RHI), a government scheme to encourage businesses to move to sustainable fuels.

[comfort zone] Skin Care Products

Our new products from [comfort zone] of the Davines Group, are made with competence and care, produced with electricity from renewable resources.  Our dispensers at the Charles Bathurst Inn are refillable as opposed to miniatures, and the packaging and components are recyclable.   The company is committed to working ethically to improve the environment and have won many awards for their work on sustainability.

“By creating beauty sustainably, we encourage people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work, and of the things they love.”

Davide Bollati, President

[comfort zone] Skin Care Products

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